Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Autumn Colors and Forest Vistas

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photos and text copyright 2006 - 2009 david w runyan II

To a native New Englander, the forest is quintessential home. Dense, lush woods are everywhere; even in and near the most populated cities. The paths which pierce the forests are alluring corridors leading to mysterious
places of floral beauty.
her depths are found hills and mountains, mosses and ferns, wildflowers and grasses, rocks and boulders, conifers and deciduous trees, streams, brooks, rivers, waterfalls, ponds and lakes. Aromas and sights are strong and stark, memorable, familiar though unknown.

Autumn Colors from Beautiful New England.
Cameras never truly do justice to the degree of stunning visual beauty of Fall colors; nevertheless, as a New Englander, it is my duty of course, to photographically present the wonder of our annual foliage event.

Been quite busy hiking and capturing images of New England Autumn beauty. Here's my favorite so far; a view of Tully Brook in Athol MA. Hope you enjoy.

Another of my prized images from this year's foliage shoots; a colorful reflection found in Quabbin Wilderness, Massachusetts.

One of the things for which New England Autumn is noted is the red tones of certain maples. This is the reddest maple I've seen this year; bordering on fuscia. Shot was taken along the Townsend Road near Lawton State Forest here in Athol.

Sun rising over Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Athol, MA.

A nice shot of Silver Lake here in Athol, entering past peak.

and from the other side of the lake.

A sweet scene from the interior of the forest at Tully Pond in Tully MA.

A nice view of Tully Pond, arched by a yellow maple.

Scenes along Millers River, Athol MA. (3 photos)

Reservoir Wilderness, Massachusetts. The morning happened to be both cloudless and windless; affording magnificent mirror images.

Lake Ellis, Athol, Massachusetts. If you compare this photo to the next photo of Quabbin Lake, you will notice what is a recurring floral theme in New England; specifically that the forests here are about equally split between evergreens and deciduous trees. This mixture provides an excellent Autumn contrast and during winter, New England forests continue to appear green, alive, vibrant.

Quabbin Reservoir Wilderness, Massachusetts. I just love that little yellow tree on the right; so bright and bold, saying: LOOK AT ME EVERYBODY! . . . and . . . everybody does.

Quabbin Reservoir Wilderness, Massachusetts with morning mist rising.

Quabbin Reservoir Wilderness, Massachusetts. The uniformly cascading heights of the surrounding conifers combined with their water reflections create an oval framework around this little orange tree.

Quabbin Reservoir Wilderness, Massachusetts. These neighbors seem to be having a ColorCompetition, and it's difficult to pick a winner.

Quabbin Reservoir Wilderness, Massachusetts. Colorful trees, clear water, and 60 degrees. Could a hiker possibly chance upon an ambiance more idyllic?

Quabbin Reservoir Wilderness, Massachusetts. Another small tree framed in highly complimentary fashion by surrounding evergreens.

Quabbin Reservoir Wilderness, Massachusetts. Just look at the way the early morning sun strikes this two-tone tree, causing it to radiate a golden glow in the midst of a dark forest path.

A maple in the early phases of turning, Silver Lake, Athol.

You will find this only in the arctic regions in the arctic season, and for all its temporary beauty, how few there are who admire and ponder nature as living incidental art.

I now share with you some of the scenic beauty of the densely forested and mountainous terrain of my home.

This is a typical view of the mountainous terrain along the Vermont and Massachusetts border.

Tully Mountain; the highest peak in the region.

The eastern face of Tully.

Looking down upon Athol from the summit of Tully.

a kinda-nice winter day.

Cattails and water lilies, Silver Lake.

A very handsome recent photo of the Middle Branch Swift River.

The following series of photos are from a forest preserve in Chicago following a very heavy, wet snowstorm which ended in a brilliantly bright sunny day.

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