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Sunrises, Sunsets, Atmospheric Events

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Sunsets and sunrises introduce us to the transition between
lightness and darkness artistically, romantically, and for those of us who make time to observe the moving magical mural on the theater of the horizon, we learn that we can find contentment in compliance with the natural clock.

Sudden Pink Ridges
Sunset tonight was a complete surprise. It was overcast and beginning to get dark. I was convinced there would be no sunset whatsoever; so much so, that I folded up the tripod and headed back to the car. But, sunset is unpredictable at times, and this certainly was one of those times. This amazing scene of pink ridges overswept the sky in under 5 seconds, and just 90 seconds later, it had vanished completely. Both the beauty and the brevity were equally stunning. Even a seasoned sunset observer 

can be instantly dumbfounded by the dramatic whims of nature.

Pillowy Pastel Plumes, Lake Rohunta, southern tip, Athol Massachusetts.

Sunrise over Lake Rohunta, Northern Tip, Athol Massachusetts.
On this particular morning, there was a mist on the lake surface, and the sunlight played upon it nicely.

When we zoom in, we find that the early morning sunlight converted the mist into amber glowing hues, while the trees split the sunlight into several beams which formed a semi-circular array of spotlights upon the lake surface. This was one dramatic and beautiful sunrise.

Orange Pekoe Tea Sunset 
Mild temps and daytime rain created fog over the icy surface of the lake. An hour prior to sunset, the clouds began to break, the wind to blow, and the sun to show. These conditions led to a myriad of wondrous vistas set to a backdrop of an orange hue with an oriental flair.
(taken at Spectacle Pond, Quabbin Wilderness MA, 3/11/09)

Cranberry Swirl Sunset

Tranquil Copper Sunset
Sunset this evening was not marked by color; except for the color: copper. Copper sky, copper water, copper clouds. It was a calm, serene event; an excellent way to conclude a hectic workweek.

The Blue and the Bronze

Sunset this evening sported nearly completely clear skies, and the blazing setting sun cast a bronze tint on the slowly melting ice of the lake.
(taken at Spectacle Pond, Quabbin Wilderness MA, 3/19/09)

Human Silhouettes at Sunset
Fisherman at Sunset . . . his name is Ted . . . wicked nice guy. The terms "wicked" and "nice" are harmonious if you happen to be from Boston.

This couple came to the lake to fish together and enjoy the evening. They had matching hats and she wore a full length, sleeveless sun dress with a sweater. Man and woman in unison is another of nature's wondrous visual delights. Given the attractiveness of togetherness, one has to wonder why so many in this era stubbornly prefer independence over union. Even when people couple or marry, they tend to retain individuality and independence as opposed to fusing into the natural oneness.

Tequila Sunset
We've all heard of the Tequila Sunrise in the deserts of the American Southwest with their creamy sky blends of yellow, orange and red.
On this particular evening, the atmospherics of the mountainous American Northeast produced a similar visual effect during sunset.
(taken at Spectacle Pond, Quabbin Wilderness MA, 3/6/09)

. . . and this is how our Tequila Sunset ended its performance.

Color Change Artist
The dynamics of dawn and dusk are often a thrilling surprise.

Sunset this evening began as a predominantly yellow event, like this:

But it swiftly became a deep orange and red event, like this:

Sunrise Smorgasborg Along the Mighty Millers
Following is a series of sunrises taken from the bridge over Millers River in downtown Orange Massachusetts between December 2008 and January 2009.
Clear skies, yet a rainbow sunrise.

The clouds did a marvelous little curve to mimic the slight bend in the river, resulting in a mirror image of perfect resemblance.

Isn't it funny how the sun usually finds a way to peek through the clouds to greet the world.

Surprise, Surprise, Wise Guy
Sunset this evening was an event displaying the many sudden moods of nature.
It began as a silver aura I can only describe as a bright darkness. This photo is not a black and white. The camera did a fine job recording the actual silvery sky and water contrasted against the darkness of the flora.

During the silver phase, a guy walking his dog paused and mildly chided me about the lack of color in the sunset. I told him that dusk is unpredictable and I always wait to see what happens because good photos usually come to those who wait. Moments later, the sunset changed mood, and revealed radial stripes of clouds. These are not sun rays, they are cloud strands.

Then . . . my vindication! Good photos DO come to those who wait! So where the hell is that smart ass walking his dog? I wanna do a little chiding myself!

Twas a Foggy One
(taken at Spectacle Pond, Quabbin Wilderness MA, March 2009)
When I arrived at the lake to shoot sunset, I could see that it was going to be one of those enchanting scenes of sun burning through a dense fog.

More on the Dynamics of Dusk
Two cases of sunset which began as relatively colorless events, but which suddenly became splendid scenes of colors many.
On this night, sunset began as a very brilliant burning amber in a mostly cloudless sky.
But it soon became a spray of light pastels. And as often happens, the presence of clouds is imperceptible until the sun sinks over the horizon; at which time thin clouds appear from nothing and nowhere.

A few nights later, sunset begins as a brownish-grey tranquility.
And concludes as a streaming rainbow.

Sunset on the Tracks
(taken along a section of the old Boston & Maine tracks, running parallel to Millers River in Athol Massachusetts, October, 2008)
Shortly before sundown, and the rails bear an amber sheen.

After sundown, the sky is colorful, and the rails bear a pink sheen.

The dark bank of clouds sent the sun rays streaming upward, converting the entire scene into an image of browns in every shade, from pale beige to dark chocolate.

Windy City Oilrise

(taken at Luis Pond, Addison IL, January, 2006)
The incidental atmospherics of dawn created a misty, diffused, dreamlik e image of rising sun both in the sky and reflected upon the surface of the water, giving the photographs the texture similitude of an oil painting.

Sunrise Over Snowy Lake

(taken at Lake Rohunta, Orange MA, January, 2009)


Sunset Burning Into a Forest Window(taken from the forest along Millers River, Athol MA, October, 2008)

The deadness of winter is merely the retrenchment of resurgent life.

Strawberry-Cream sunset.

One of my favorite winter sunset shots. Even in barren winter, nature can be powerfully beautiful.

A couple from Spectacle Pond, Quabbin Wilderness Massachsuetts.

Once in a blue moon comes a white sunset

An intricate image mirrored on the water surface with equal intensity and attention to detail.

Good Morning, Morning!


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Evonne said...

Gorgeous and inspirational!

manna_noida said...

superb shots..really nice ones..

Jim said...

beautiful shots, you should check out the nqviewfinders camera club in Athol, MA...we meet the 2nd Friday of every month at 7pm at the Orange MA, Workers Credit Union Bank Community Conference Room...we have been an active camera club for 3 years now!