Friday, October 19, 2007

Mushrooms, Lichens and Fungi

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The macro photos (magnified images) in this section were captured with the Little BigShot Image Amplifier, which gives my little compact camera a good boost for closeups. Link to the product: Little BigShot.

My Mushroom Collection

I call this one AllDome, although I could have as well called him Two-Stage-Rocket. Isn't he a curiously designed specimen!

And, I found more of the fungus that looks like sea coral. Isn't this beautiful?

This fellow is endowed with maze-like patterns. A handsome one he is!

And the side view of the same mushroom.

And I came across another columnar mushroom . . . the favorite of the females lol. Oh look girls! This one has a curved shaft! hahahaha i am sooooo bad.

Now last week, I came across only one red mushroom. But this week, they are out in full force. This species has a domed cap with fringed edges.

This species has a domed cap with bubbled edges.

This species has a more flat domed cap.

The way this cap fans outward from a vortex, it looks more like a trumpet than a mushroom.

The surface of this cap has a felt-like look and feel (although this eludes the camera) and it's brown coloration gives it the appearance of suede, so I named it Suede Button.

And a rather large mushroom with attractive spots hiding in the shade of nearby flora.


Pancake on a pedestal.

I call him Lumpy.

appropriate . . . or?

Lastly, a few of those mushrooms with irregular caps; more closely resembling floral rather than fungal beings.

The yellow, mottled mushroom with domed cap. Fairly common.

Side view of same species.

This beige, funnelform mushroom has the wet look.

Yes girls, it IS a mushroom!

Side view of a dirty white.

Another mushroom that looks more like a floral bouquet than a fungus.

Upwardly curling cap. Looks like a ceramic birdbath, doesn't it?

Now here's one interesting mushroom. I found only one of this type today. The cap is harder than most mushrooms, and the cap is chunky, bark-like.

Side view of the same mushroom.

A tiny, flat-capped pancake mushroom growing out of a patch of moss.

Little sister hiding under big sister's skirt.

I named him EggHead.

The full moon of the forest floor.

The cap of these mushrooms present as scalloped petal
A very attractive pair, and the most interesting aspect is that though they appear to be the same species, one cap is domed and the other is funnelform
I call this the WavyWafer. The cap is thin, like a potato chip.

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